What we give, we also receive

by | May 20, 2020 | 9 Point Philosophy

What we give is what we receive, this is true in thought and in deed.

We have all heard of the “golden rule” Do unto others…. or the scary thought of Karma coming to get you. Well I am here to tell you that doing good isn’t good enough when it comes to receiving your greatest blessings.

Your thoughts send impulses out into the universe that are returned to you as well. Until you master your mindset you will continue to reap the seeds they sew.

This is how it works. All thoughts and actions (or rather the intent behind them) are sent out vibrationally and are magnetized. The stronger the impulses the stronger the magnetic pull bringing it back. Accumulation counts here too, what starts as a weak impulse can become stronger over time. With repetition it builds momentum.

Since we think something like 50K thoughts a day and for the most part they are jumbled and contradictory we tend to get a mixed bag of life experiences.

For today let’s focus on this. Thoughts and feelings of love and joy create experiences of abundance and expansion. Thoughts and feelings of jealousy and resentment create experiences of poverty and lack.

This can manifest in the outer world but often times it’s our inner world that reaps the reward. From this the mind can become a prison of criticism and judgement or a playground of creativity and joy. You get to decide.

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Live your life with meaning.
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