What we believe is our personal truth

by | May 20, 2020 | 9 Point Philosophy

We see through the filter of our experience which is created by our beliefs.

The vibrational impulses I hold in my mind is made manifest in my life thus creating my reality, my personal truth.
In such, everyone is operating under their own personal BS.

Our belief system (our BS) is simply a collection of thoughts we continue to think. Thought are just thoughts, we can change them and in doing so change our beliefs which will change our experiences.

When we are experiencing a life that no longer serves us it is a good time to re-evaluate our beliefs. Ask yourself what do I believe about xyz to have created abc? And then follow the trail.

For a very long time I believed men were selfish, primal, ego a$$ hats only out to pleasure themselves. And that is exactly what I experienced. My beliefs made it so.
Even when a “good guy” would come along I couldn’t believe it. I would think he must me a fake or hiding something. I’d send him packing.

It wan’t until I conceived my first son that I began to evaluate my beliefs about men. As began to weed out the negative beliefs and replace them with positive thoughts more in alignment with Divine Masculine energy I began to see the change in men around me. They resembled the beliefs.

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