Therapeutic Blends

Clean * Natural * Pure

Therapeutic Blend Roll-ons

Color Energy’s symptom specific Therapeutic Blends have been proven to alleviate certain aliments. These powerful recipes contain 30% therapeutic grade essential oils to 70% organic jojoba. These all natural color-coded remedies are FREE from additives, alcohols, chemical fragrances and preservatives.

To further empower your sense of well being add several drops of a blend to a correlating Color Bath or Color Energy Salt Bath to create a pampering home spa treatment. 

Important Dos and Don’ts

Use the blends liberally whenever necessary as they will be expelled within 12-24 hours

Consult a healthcare professional if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, epilepsy or suffer from seizures

100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils in organic jojoba oil

Information provided does not substitute for professional medical advice or care.

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