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by | May 20, 2020 | 9 Point Philosophy

No one can think your thoughts but you. We may have the voice of others in our heads telling us how to act or what to do, but the truth is they have no power there. Only what we give them.

We have the opportunity to choose thoughts that nourish us. We can replace the old constructs of criticism and judgement and think thoughts that are loving, kind and bring joyful feelings.

When we do this, when we shift our thoughts towards abundance rather than lack our world begins to open up new possibilities for us.

Here’s a game I have clients play to help them understand the creative potential of their thoughts.

1. Pick something of little importance to you, no real significance in your life like maybe a blue butterfly or a purple car.

2. Think about this thing. Let it fill your mind. Tell yourself you see it everywhere, it’s all around you.

3. Make it tactile – feel, in your body like you’re touching it, appreciating its beauty.

4. Imagine with your mind and emotions this thing. Do it several times a day for a couple days and watch the magic happen.

You will see this thing show up in your world.

Now here are the rules: it is very important when playing this game that you pick something random and it’s very important that you are in the mindset of play. It’s a game, should feel fun….Other than that go for it and let me know what you manifest!

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