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These services can only be done in my Palm Bay FL office

Biopulsar Scans and Services

Within a few minutes a complete bioenergetic analysis of 43 organ zones is generated.

Through a Biopulsar scan, profound knowledge can be obtained about the bioenergetic field (aura), the life force condition of individual organ zones and organ networks, potentials, causes of field disturbances and paraesthesia.

Scans can be used for individual product and remedy testing, allergy and compatibility testing, control measuring, holistic aura and life counseling and preventative medicine.

A Biopuslar Scan Can Change Your Life!

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Open and align your energy bodies with this relaxing aromatic experience. Your senses will indulge in the subtle waves of energy, aroma, and sound therapy as you release the heavy burdens you’ve carried for so long.

Chromalive Color Light Therapy

Through a precision color light treatment on the reflex zones you can achieve a harmonizing interaction with the inner organs and the psyche.

The physical, mental, and emotional blockages dissolve and a sense of well-being is restored.

The light is filtered through a clear Quartz crystal which works on a cellular level to bring unhealthy or stressed cells back to their optimal levels with repeated applications.

The Chromalive treatment can be used for anti-aging, pain management, rejuvenation and treating specific illnesses.

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