I am willing to forgive…

by | May 25, 2020 | 9 Point Philosophy

We can release the past and forgive everyone. 

Especially Yourself. Wait—Read that part again…Especially Yourself.

Forgiveness is not a weakness and does not mean you need to take a person to dinner or become best friends. It means that you will no longer carry events of the past within you. Holding onto past hurts, anger, and resentment is like waking up every morning and deciding to dose yourself with poison. 

I like to think of forgiveness as one of those things you sort of baby step your way into. Start practicing forgiveness with small things. Who gets to decide what’s small? You do. 

What comes easy to me may be extremely hard for you and vice versa. Choose to begin by just being willing to forgive than allow it to grow into true forgiveness. 

Start with something you can stomach right now. There is no need to begin with your greatest betrayal and force uncomfortable situations into your life. Everything bubbles up in its own time, when you are ready to address it.

So if you’ve been remembering, if you’ve had someone or a situation from the past on your mind recently that is a great cue that you are ready to begin the forgiveness process. 

 Start small and start with self love and grow from there.

Many blessings xo


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