Meaningful Guidance

Nurturing you through the challenges & transitions of life.

Build inner strength & resilience so that you can act in your own long term best interest consistent with your deepest values.

Hello Friend

Those bags are looking pretty heavy,
how about putting them down?


You know what I’m talking about

the shame, the constant overthinking, second guessing, can’t make a choice,

the negative thoughts, constantly criticizing and judging yourself;

comparing yourself to others while holding impossible standards for yourself.


Take a load off friend, You have found sanctuary with me.

I’m Rebecca Lee


and I’m here to provide a safe place for you to unpack that bag, sort through the rubble, find the gold and toss the rest

so that you can move forward with confidence, freedom from the past and peace of mind about your future.

Because honestly, letting that shit go is the first step to being Happily Authentically You!


Ways we can work together

Whether you find your comfort in self study course or live workshops and groups I’ve got you covered! I offer a wide variety of self help, mindset, inner work, spiritual living, and holistic health topics that ANYONE with a willingness for change can do to increase their happiness and wellness in all aspects of life.

Virtual Sessions
No need to stress about driving or being local. Virtual session are confidential and can be done over the phone or zoom. Our journey together begins with a free discovery call where we can get to know one another and how we can best work together. In this call you will learn my 3 step approach to quieting the inner critic and restoring inner peace.
Local Services
Brevard County FL locals can book in office appointments for your full service holistic wellness needs. New clients can book a free (phone) consultation to get started.

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