Hi! My name is Rebecca Lee

My mission is to liberate women from the false imprisonment of their minds, empowering them to rise above their circumstances and create a life that is beautiful, loving and most importantly, reflects the value of who they truly are.

I provide nurturing support for women through the challenges & transitions of life using evidence-based tools and techniques that build inner strength & emotional resilience because the ability to reduce stress and management energy are the determining factors of physical and psychological wellness.

Let me paint you a picture, tell me if this sounds familiar….

You know what it’s like when you’re all stressed out and your inner nag is harping on you and you feel like you just can’t catch a break?

Your shoulders are tight, jaw is clenched and before you know it you’re yelling at everyone around you and reaching for the bottle of wine to relax.

Your sleep cycle is crap and you wake up tired downing 2 cups of coffee just to function in the morning –

and then here we go again

the stress and tension builds the nag rears her head and it’s like a endless cycle

Sometimes, life gets moving so fast, balls get dropped and overwhelm seeps in.

The stress builds and the inner critic starts chattering and all the noise just gets you down.

You need a little time to sit still and calm the wave.

Sweet soul, I see you.

I know how it feels to be on the hamster wheel through hell all too well.

In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me… 

I come from a highly dysfunctional family of drugs, alcohol and abuse. 

Seemingly from birth I was programmed to not feel good enough for love, attention, respect. I grew up thinking poorly of myself and thought that drugs, alcohol and violence was normal. 

At 19 I had an internal shift or an awakening that I call a Spiritual Intercession. 

I could see and hear and feel ‘things’, I ‘knew’ stuff about people, their lives, their trauma, their health. My whole life changed as a result.

At first it was very scary and I thought I was a crazy person- I tried to avoid these ‘voices’ and ‘visions’ but once embraced I was filled with love. 

I was taught many things and learned to apply them to my life, my mindset, my way of perceiving the world and people around me. 

After 5 years of study and implementation (I am a proven example that these techniques work) I learned how to help others heal from (what looked like) imbalances of energy and restore health and vitality to their physical bodies as well as their mental/emotional bodies. 

I opened my first business in May of 2001 and as I touched people they felt better, some even had very miraculous healing take place. But more importantly than that, my clients became more conscious and integrated within themselves. They learned the principles and process of application that Spirit taught me and their lives changed too.

I started Meaningful Guidance because people are suffering.


It saddens my heart to see the burdens people carry, the bondage of fear that paralyzes their actions. Oftentimes they are unconscious of the patterns and generational wounds they carry. Just like me, they think it’s normal.   

But it’s far from it!

anxiety, depression, body ailments, repeated attempts at ‘dieting’, repeated financial distress, repeated toxic relationships…

it’s all programming and the program can be changed. 

IF – you want it to….

I’ve helped hundreds of amazing women (and a few men) create healthy and peaceful lives that they’re proud of, without all the typical B.S. that comes along with social media and guru teachings.

Alignment is the door to walk through, self love is the key to unlock it.  It truly is that simple. 

Chances are if you hang around me for any length of time you will hear me say… 

“Simple doesn’t mean easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard! Everyone can do this work, everyone can apply these principles I teach. Everyone deserves a life of peace, happiness, health and joy. Including YOU!

My approach is unique in that it encompases a diverse and multifaceted approach to your wellness.

Backed by science and guided by intuition, each session is as unique as the client in front of me and with over 20 professional years in the industry and a lifetime of learning, wisdom, and experience, I have quite a large toolkit to draw from. 

So if you’re ready to experience how good life can be in a way that’s TRULY what you desire

(not what you think* you can have), let’s talk.

Scroll down to read more about how we can work together.

Proven Results

  • improvement in the ability to focus 24% 24%
  • improvement in sleep 30% 30%
  • improvement in calmness 38% 38%
  • drop in anxiety 46% 46%
  • drop in fatigue 48% 48%
  • drop in depression 56% 56%
What People Say
“Working with Rebecca has been transformational for me. She has helped me do the internal work I wasn’t sure how to do alone. Thanks to her coaching, I can better calm down from anxiety, recenter my thoughts, and lean into love. I am more connected to the spiritual world around me which helps me to see the big picture and worry less. Rebecca’s calm, encouraging personality is the perfect tonic for anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, insecurity or doubt. Whether you need a listening ear, life coaching, spiritual guidance, or counseling through a difficult life event, Rebecca can support you.”
Rachel Mansilla

"I’m so incredibly thankful for you. You have helped me so much not fear taking the step and betting on myself. YOU have impacted my life probably more than any other person in my life outside of my family. Thank you! We’re in this together and we are going to grow something great!"
Madison Peeler

Good morning Rebecca! Yesterday I thought of you so much! You text me and it calmed me. I was feeling sad for about a week, but I think since being here and having time alone, it’s been really good for me. I would love to schedule more “life coaching” with you. I feel more aligned when I talk to you and work through things I didn’t know needed working through.
Kahyla Reno

My many hats

Spiritual Counselor 

As your Spiritual counslor, I listen with open awarness to the words you say but more deeply to the message that your soul and higher self is trying to convey. I bring to light things that are tripping you up in a way that helps you disolve barriers and align you more fully with your highest potental and greatest good. This means releasing toxic patterns and beliefs that stiffle your growth which can be quite challenging but so very rewarding.
Using my highly attuned skills and over 20 years experience you will walk away feeling lighter, more clear in your mind and a calm peace in your body.

Advanced Biofeedback

I am trained to study and analyze people’s energy using revolutionary medical grade European Biofield technology and HeartMath biofeedback technology. My holistic methods encompass interpreting your personal rythms on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level as well as teaching you new skills to improve your wellness.
Using biofeedback, I help people understand their health, mental & emotional wellness, karma and soul purpose. Together you will unlearn old thought and behaviour patterns, release stress and toxicity from the body and restore health and wellness in all aspects of life.

Holistic Practitioner | Vibrational Analyst

Local clients can benefit from a full vitality scan and holistic wellness protocals to bring the body, mind and spirit back into harmony.

complete health vitality assessment of immune, respiratory and digestive systems as well as preconditions for stroke, heart issues, diabetes… and much more.

I will also review your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

A Biopulsar scan pinpoints energy imbalances, and can prevent needless and expensive tests. It can help you see the precursors to any serious health concerns!

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